Best Piece of Advice to PHS Freshmen

Okay, super Seniors – it’s time to branch out just a wee bit beyond the four walls of our cozy classroom.  Don’t worry, we won’t branch out too far (yet!) . . . just a few doors down to my freshmen English classes.  I am excited about the communication and authentic writing we are about to take part in!!

Last year's freshmen!

Last year’s freshmen!

Assignment:  You will write a post offering your ONE piece of very important, pertinent advice to your underclassmen peers.  What does a freshmen student need to know in order to survive and thrive during the four years here at Palatine High School.  This advice can be specific to our school or it can pertain to getting along in high school in general.  What is that one something you wish you knew then that you know now?!.

Audience:  A freshman student at Palatine High School

Purpose:  To make the high school journey run more smoothly for our underclassmen

Format:  Letter format that includes:

  • A Salutation (Dear Freshman OR Dear Young One OR . . . )
  • Closing and signature

Length:  Let’s make it worth their while.  Please express your wisdom with at least two paragraphs within the letter.

INCLUDE MEDIA:  to help illustrate the advice . . . .

– picture (yours or Creative Commons cited correctly)
– video clip (to verbally communicate advice?)
– Prezi (to lay out advice visually?)
– Dipity (create a timeline of to-do’s? or important events in HS?)
– Haiku Deck (to lay out pictures of events at PHS?)
How else can you portray the advice in a visually pleasing manner?


  • Once this is published and looked over by me, I will pair you with one of my freshmen.
  • That student will read your post eagerly and respond back with a reaction and/or questions.
  • You will, in turn, respond to any questions or clarifications asked for.  This will be our first official comment thread!


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